Friday, February 02, 2007

Karri and Mark

Congratulations to Karri and Mark on their wedding January 27, 2007!! Karri and Mark were simply fabulous and Melissa and I had a wonderful time sharing their day and capturing some lovely images for them. Their wedding took place at the Athletic Club of Columbus, downtown. It was an evening wedding and Karri wanted to capture the warm glow of the candlelit ceremony. Being that the ceremony was not held in a church, I was able to snag a primo spot for shooting the ceremony, right behind the bridesmaids (while staying out of sight of the guests!!). It was a beautiful ceremony and you can just feel the warmth!

I love the candle glow on Mark's face!

And the kiss . . . (have I said how much I love doing this??!!) . . .

Lucky for me, the Maid of Honor bent down to tend to the flower girl just in time for me to catch Karri's parents applauding their daughter and new son-in-law:

Karri and Mark had a great jazz ensemble, Fermata Music, and, I have to say, Mitch is quite the crooner! Complete with old-fashioned microphone and velvety Sinatra voice, it was lovely music indeed. I loved this detail of the drumset:

We captured some great moments while Karri and Mark were dancing, both with each other and with their parents, but I especially love this detail:

Who doesn't love cake??

And flatware? I am totally on a flatware kick lately.

Again - congrats, Karri and Mark and I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon in St. Lucia!!

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