Thursday, April 15, 2010

Real Life Forever - Columbus Ohio Portrait Photographer

Clients and prospective clients! Head on over to Facebook and send me a friend request (if we're not friends already!) so you can see the details on my new portrait program, Real Life Forever, which is just for my wedding clients! I'm extremely excited about this new offering and look forward to sharing it with you! So head on over to Facebook and let's be friends!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big news!

I'm extremely proud to announce a new portrait program for all my wedding clients, past, present and future. Stay tuned for more details on this new program, along with the official launch of my new reality-based portrait business with special offers for new portrait clients! I'm really excited for all that's going to happen and hope you'll join me!

In addition to posting updates here, I'll also be showcasing them on my official Facebook page. If you've not seen it, hop on over and check it out! And become a fan too!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Katherine and Chris - Columbus Ohio wedding photographer

On Easter Sunday, I got to hang out with Katherine and Chris, who were in town from Wisconsin for the holiday. After postponing our original session due to high winds (which would've made for some really blowy hair), we lucked out with gorgeous weather the next day, perfect for walking around Grandview for their engagement session. No trip to Grandview is ever complete without Jeni's ice cream, so we made that our first stop. We had a great time doing some different things, including lying in the ivy in someone's front yard, playing on a playground, sitting on an abandoned loveseat in someone else's front yard, and then lounging on a hammock in yet another person's front yard. It was a rather rogue session, to say the least, but I blame all those people for having great enticing things in their yards!

So, let's look at some pictures.

I'm really looking forward to your wedding in July!! Thanks, Katherine and Chris, for being such good sports and willing rebels!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Columbus Bride Magazine - Columbus Ohio Photographer

Tis the season for the spring issue of Columbus Bride magazine and with it comes pictures of my clients that were chosen to appear throughout. I'm always very excited for my clients who make it in and encourage everyone to participate, even though the magazine allows only four wedding submissions per issue from each photographer (boo!!). So, without further delay, here are the client images in this newest issue, along with my ad, which appears on page 131.

Featured Wedding:

Megan and Ben
June 13, 2009
Goodale Park / Burgundy Room

Kristen and Drew
July 11, 2009
The Columbus Athenaeum

Sara and Matt
July 18, 2009
St. Peter's / Villa Milano

Michelle and Mike
August 22, 2009
Immaculate Conception / The Columbus Athenaeum

Congratulations to everyone who made it in!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Melanie's Birthday Party - Columbus Ohio Photographer

The day after my sister's wedding, I headed back out east - although this time not so far - to Pickerington to shoot the birthday party for friends of mine from my days at the Vorys law firm. Rob, the birthday girl Melanie's husband, really did it up, from all kinds of delectable goodies to balloons and an embarrassing slideshow filled with prom dresses and big hair, to the gift of a Big Wheel. The party was great fun and here is some proof:

Happy birthday, Melanie!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Susan's bridal portrait - Columbus Ohio wedding photographer

Well, now that everyone in Rayland and Brilliant has seen my sister Susan's wedding dress, I can finally post some images from the bridal session we did back at the beginning of March. You'll see in the last images how good a sport Susan is in trusting me to "do" her hair and make-up, and not in a conventional way. I thought she looked great no matter, and it was fun sending them via phone to Ryan, teasing that this was going to be her wedding-day look.

Susan and Ryan - Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographer

Last Saturday, I drove out to literally the midde of nowhere to photograph my youngest sister Susan's wedding to Ryan, who fits in with our family almost like he was born into (but not quite, because that would be weird, not to mention illegal). More often than not, as may be with a lot of families, most times I bring a camera around, my siblings and my mom, especially, stick their hands up in front of their faces or stick out their tongues, making getting a good clean image of them practically impossible. Trust me, they were all warned months ago that doing this at Susan's wedding was a no-no, and I'm happy to report that everyone complied.

I had a lot of fun hanging out with my sister and combining sisterly duties with my photographer duties, and was really pleased that my parents got to see me in action doing a job I'm very proud of and lucky to have.

Let's look at some pictures.

Congratulations, baby sister!