Friday, April 09, 2010

Katherine and Chris - Columbus Ohio wedding photographer

On Easter Sunday, I got to hang out with Katherine and Chris, who were in town from Wisconsin for the holiday. After postponing our original session due to high winds (which would've made for some really blowy hair), we lucked out with gorgeous weather the next day, perfect for walking around Grandview for their engagement session. No trip to Grandview is ever complete without Jeni's ice cream, so we made that our first stop. We had a great time doing some different things, including lying in the ivy in someone's front yard, playing on a playground, sitting on an abandoned loveseat in someone else's front yard, and then lounging on a hammock in yet another person's front yard. It was a rather rogue session, to say the least, but I blame all those people for having great enticing things in their yards!

So, let's look at some pictures.

I'm really looking forward to your wedding in July!! Thanks, Katherine and Chris, for being such good sports and willing rebels!

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