Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Honest Answers to FAQs

For grins, I sometimes peruse the wedding resource websites to see what kind of myths they're publishing in their FAQs about wedding photography. Really, though, it's no laughing matter as most sites completely miss the mark in providing useful and honest information regarding one of the most important decisions of your big day. I'd even be willing to bet that these FAQs are written by people who have absolutely no connection to anything photographic.

That has all changed today, boys and girls, with the introduction of a website the sole purpose of which is to provide
Honest Answers About Wedding Photography.

Honest Answers About Wedding Photography was created by photographers the world over based on real questions we've received from real brides. This is the honest scoop. The real answers. Not answers about wedding photography by people who are not wedding photographers.

So, check it out. It is totally cool and totally right-on, and I even had a hand in answering a question myself (#5 on "Before The Wedding") as part of the Professional Wedding Photographers Collective.

Finally, truthful, helpful answers you can trust when making this most important choice!

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