Thursday, November 27, 2008

Elaine and Mark

On November 15, I had the extreme pleasure of photographing the Big Greek Wedding of Elaine and Mark at the Greek Annunciation Church in Dayton. I was lucky to have Melissa come down from Michigan to shoot this with me, along with my friend and fellow local photographer Kevin Keefer. Despite the ugly weather, we had a fantastic time with Elaine and Mark and everything was just beautiful. There are many favorites from this one, so enjoy the show!

We started with the rehearsal dinner the night before at the Dayton Country Club, which is very old and, I hear, haunted.

On the wedding day, we arrived early enough to be able to capture the cake being assembled. It was gorgeous!

Last minute groomsman adjustments.

I absolutely love this detail shot of Elaine's dress and ring.

The crowns and candles.

Mark and his parents walked up the aisle together. I really liked that.

Elaine's mom greeting grandma.

Melissa got this awesome shot of the flower girl being lined up for her grand entrance.

Melissa took this fisheye shot of the sanctuary. The place was magnificent.

Elaine's sister during the ring ceremony.

I love this shot. I was lucky enough to get to stand at the front.

Mark's dad gave a hilarious toast.

Just look at the way he looks at her.

Now, onto the dancing and money-throwing! Grandma was the first one out of her seat!

Open wide!

The Greek band was awesome. The music was really great and these guys were hilariously funny. Notice, if you can, the Home Depot sticker on the back of his instrument.

A quiet dance.

Congratulations, Elaine and Mark!!

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vz said...

The photos are great. You captured the joy,happiness and beauty of the rehearsal and wedding.