Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mansfield Reformatory Wedding

This past Saturday, I was lucky enough to be invited to shoot with my friend Heather Odenweller of Natural Element Photography at the Mansfield Reformatory. Her clients, Amber and Dylan, had planned an elaborate Art Deco-style wedding and chose the uber-unique used-to-be-prison location as the backdrop. The wedding attire was in the style of the 1920's, including a little gangster flavor, some vintage cars, lots of feathers, and guests in costume. It was great fun to see all the detail that went into everything, not to mention fun shooting with Heather and fun wandering parts of the prison for portraits.

Here's my take:

We started with some portraits of the guys.

The light in the ceremony room was gorgeous. Here, a bridesmaid is pulling out the runner.

Amber, looking out at Heather shooting the guys on our way to do some quickie portraits of her.

Our groom.

Have you ever been locked in part of an abandoned prison about 10 minutes prior to walking up the aisle? I can now say that I have! This is Amber, with her fingers stuck in the drilled out deadbolt hole, hoping the door is merely stuck and not locked from the outside, while Dylan pulls on her for extra leverage. The door was indeed locked from the outside with a padlock one of the volunteers had fastened, not knowing we were on the other side of it. Don't worry, we made it out in time after a whole platoon of people came to our rescue!

Amber had a charm for each bridesmaid stuck into the side of the cake. Each bridesmaid took a turn pulling out a ribboned charm while the others read about its particular significance.

Some of the unique costumes worn by the guests.

Mansfield Reformatory, in the golden light.

Thanks, Heather, for having me along!


Natural Element Photography said...

Absolutely Fabulous! I was so happy to have you come a be a part of the celebration!

amber said...

Thanks so much for being there and getting me this sneak peak so early. Everything looks great!

katie said...

These are great! You need to send these to offbeatbride.com! :)