Friday, May 22, 2009

Teresa and Bruce - Columbus, Ohio wedding

As round two of our double-header wedding weekend, Tracie and I spent the day with the lovely Teresa and Bruce. Teresa was working at Bexley United Methodist church as the coordinator for Adriann and Reid's wedding almost a year ago now, and I met her while I was waiting for Adriann to arrive. We chatted about her wedding and hit it off right away, and the rest is history! There were lots of nice touches that went into Teresa and Bruce's wedding, including an open ceremony for the church's congregation followed by a cupcake reception on the lawn. Those cupcakes were adorable and smelled so yummy!

So, on to the show!

Too bad you can't smell these!

Ring bearer, on a mission.

Bruce, watching the proceedings before it's time for his entrance.

I love this shot Tracie got of Teresa and her matron of honor on their way to the sanctuary.

This little girl was a total riot. Yes, this is right on the altar.

The best man, Bruce's son, acting like the ring was stuck on his finger.

Showing the rings to all the family in the first row. I thought this was really sweet.

I have no idea what's going on here, but this is too funny.

Teresa with their pastor on the lawn. I love how we can see Tracie shooting the kids in the background. It makes for a good "picture" of what was happening.

At Embassy Suites Dublin. We went up to their room to shoot a few alone-time pictures, but en route they stopped to wave at their guests enjoying the cocktails below.

A very sweet toast given by Bruce's son.

Then lots of hilarity and big laughs at the reception.

Thanks so much, Teresa and Bruce, for having us share you day with you!

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