Thursday, May 06, 2010

Melissa and Phil - St. Francis of Assisi / Columbus Athenaeum wedding

We'd been doing really great with the weather until a few weeks back when it started being nice during the week and nasty on the weekends. The weekend of Melissa and Phil's wedding was no different, but we luckily dodged (almost) all of the raindrops and were even able to do all of the pre-ceremony portraits outside at Goodale Park. What I do like about iffy weather is the drama the clouds add to the sky. It makes for some moody portraits, and I like that.

I started with Melissa at their house, then Goodale Park, ceremony at St. Francis of Assisi and reception in the Oak Room at The Columbus Athenaeum. I'd not shot in the Oak Room other than room set-up shots for the fine people there, but I have to say I loved it. The low ceiling and interesting lighting were both beautiful, and the wood paneling made it feel warm and cozy.

So, without further ado, here are the pictures from the day. Enjoy.

From Andrew.

The first look.

From Andrew.


From Andrew.

What's a little cake on the nose among husband and wife?

From Andrew.

Congratulations, Melissa and Phil!

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