Saturday, June 05, 2010

Murray the Lion

Murray, my ordinarily fluffy long-haired kitty, has been shaved like this for a week now and I still can't stop laughing. He looks like a cartoon character. It took him about a day to get used to not having so much hair, but it took him right back to his not-so-long-ago days of little kittenhood and he's rediscovered all the things he used to like to get into but had grown too fluffy to manage, much to my chagrin. All the old things he'd mess with that he'd literally outgrown are now fresh and new and very enticing to him, like winding his way through all the items on my nightstand, which invariably ends up with him knocking over my water glass onto whatever library book happens to be on the floor by the bed. It's like having a new kitten all over again.

Oh well, he's too cute and funny to be mad at for too long.

Here is my favorite shot of him to date. This picture makes me laugh and laugh. That tail just cracks me up.

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