Friday, January 25, 2008


Last November, Melissa, Karen and I, and Jacki and Lizzie, daughters of my friend Nancy, spent an afternoon at Will Shively's studio in the short north shooting the lovely Leslie. My friend, Rose - a fabulous multimedia stylist - helped with make-up and outfits - and us girls just had a fabulous time. We had snacks and great music and the run of Will's amazing studio. Truly, a photographer's dream!

And it's been busy since then so I'm just getting to processing some images from our fun shoot. I have to say though that part of the reason I'm posting these now is that Melissa and I are going to Leslie's neck of the woods (Dayton area) to shoot her again tomorrow in the snow and cold, and I wanted to be able to take some images to her. I'm hoping we can find some interesting new places to shoot in Dayton, including places like laundromats or restaurants or bars or just whatever. Like I've said on numerous occasions - I LOVE to shoot in different places!

So, on with the show:

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chantal stone said...

Karen, these are awesome! great job!!