Thursday, August 21, 2008

Norma and Pete

Well, it's definitely been a season of "this is something I don't do everyday", first shooting the bull riding, and now continuing in that vein with some images from Norma and Pete's wedding last Saturday. I shoot weddings all the time, so you might be asking why I'm saying this is something I don't do everyday. Well, it's because, combined, Norma and Pete have graced this planet for 167 years. And what a lucky planet it's been for that time. Granted, I've known Norma and Pete only a very short time, but I am better for it. Never have I met two nicer people and it's obvious by the love shown to them by family and friends alike that I am not alone in that sentiment.

Please enjoy these images from Norma and Pete's wedding and luncheon at the Ohio State Bar Association.

Meeting at the "altar".

A funny moment during the ceremony.

An "overall" of the ceremony room.

The receiving line in the courtyard.

Yummy appetizer.

Calling everyone for group shots.

These women were absolutely delightful. Here, they are plotting their dessert table strategy.

Pete, announcing to all the guests that Norma would recite for them one of her many poems. Obviously, Norma had no idea this was coming.

But, she was a trooper, and regaled everyone with the most wonderful and entertaining recitation.

Guests enjoying the poem too.

Cutting the cake.

They're just so cute.

The fabulous dessert table. Norma's friend Gail did an amazing job preparing everything.

And Norma's friend, Janet, made the amazing floral arrangements. I don't think I've ever seen so many beautiful and unusual flowers all at one wedding. Janet has mad skills, definitely!

Congratulations, Norma and Pete!!

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