Sunday, August 10, 2008

Teresa and Bruce

Last week, I met up with Teresa and Bruce at the Ohio State Fair for a great evening of fun. They were up for just about anything, from riding the rides and playing games to even taking a spin on the mechanical bull!! We had an absolute blast together and here are some of the images to prove it:

Check out Bruce "talking on the cel phone" while he's "driving". Too funny!

The Sky Glider, my very favorite ride at the fair (and pretty much the only one I'll get on). I rode in the car in front of them. It was great - I love that ride!

The weather that day had been iffy and we weren't even sure we could go, but it ended up being very nice with these beautiful clouds and the nice light. This image is what I'd envisioned when we originally decided to go to the fair, so I'm glad it worked out! The evening sun gives everything that golden glow.

I love this shot.

I think this speaks for itself.

Teresa killed on the hit-the-balloon-with-a-dart game and won a little prize.

Practicing for the cake-cutting with french fries.

Nothing beats the time of night when there's barely any light in the sky, and with the dramatic clouds and the colorful lights it's all just magical-looking.

I love how they're framed by the ferris wheel with the warm glow of concession stand lights.

A very tall jester sharing a hug.

We had a really great time and I'm very much looking forward to Teresa and Bruce's wedding next May! Thanks, guys, for being great sports!

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