Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bryan and David - Columbus, Ohio wedding

A week ago Sunday I had the great good pleasure of photographing the wedding and reception of Bryan and David, which took place at North Bank Park. It was a beautiful evening, full of love and laughter, and those nice dramatic clouds that make for a beautiful backdrop. I had a fabulous time hanging out with Bryan and David and their friends and family, and look forward to the possibility of seeing them again in September at Amy and Spencer's wedding.

Here are some of my favorites (again, hard to choose!!!):

David's brother, warming up. His sister performed the ceremony.

See what I mean about the sky??

A card we found along the way to do some portraits.

The cake was amazing!

Lots of clinking on glassware.

David's sister wiping off the damage from the cake cutting.

The first dance.

Dancing with mom to an old Carpenters song. I haven't heard one of their songs in years!

Bryan's mom and sister.

Congratulations, Bryan and David! I was thrilled to be part of your celebration!

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