Sunday, August 09, 2009

Chase and Family

How lucky I am to have such wonderful clients who love what I've done for them enough to send me their friends! This is how I met Sarah, Rick and their delightful new family member, Chase. Sarah came to me through Stephanie and Greg, and we hit it off immediately, so I knew we were going to have a great time together.

I like to shoot portraits the same way I shoot weddings and engagement sessions: totally natural, with only a minimum of direction, with the focus on relationships and interactions. As you'll see from these images, I like to get just as close with portraits as I do on a wedding day! Close, close, close - it's how you get the good stuff!!

So, on to the show!

I love how babies can be soooo serious.

Chase's first foray into the grass.

This, I understand from Sarah, is "The Look".

Daddy's home!

Time for lots of smooches and cuddling.

Easily the world's cutest baby hair.

Thank you so much, Sarah, Rick and Chase, for allowing me to photograph your beautiful new family!

And if those of you out there are ready for your close-up, give me a call to set up your session!

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