Monday, September 07, 2009

Michelle and Mike - Columbus, Ohio wedding

Settle in - it's going to be a nice long one! A couple weeks ago, Tracie and I photographed Michelle and Mike's beautiful wedding at Immaculate Conception, followed by a lovely pink-themed reception at The Columbus Athenaeum, one of my favorite spots. We had lots of time for portraits between the ceremony and reception and even got to spend some time at Michelle and Mike's home before we headed down to the Renaissance for some intimate portraits in their room. We made use of the gorgeous lobby there as well. It was such a great day filled with lots of love and laughter. Congratulations, Michelle and Mike, and now on to the show!

Michelle and her daughter Taylor putting out the programs.

Enjoying a quick bite before everything gets started.

Taylor, showing off the back of her dress.

Not the part of the bouquet that's usually photographed, which is why I like this shot! (Don't worry - I also shot the part with the petals!)

Tracie's shot. Love the thumbs up.

The getaway car, a 1968 Chevelle. Sweet.

The pooch.

Taylor's girlfriends admiring Mike's unique ring.

More pooches.

In Michelle and Mike's beautiful and vibrant bathroom.

These next few are at the Renaissance. Isn't Michelle's dress gorgeous?? It was actually two pieces, and, as you can tell, fit her like a glove.

Tracie got this great shot of Michelle's reflection in the mirror.

Down to the Renaissance lounge for drinks with friends before more portraits.

Thanks to my buddy Brian from True Video for lending his video light to these shots.

OK, is this place dreamy or what?? This is the Large Theatre.

The spotlight the Athenaeum shines on the cake table makes it look so dramatic - I love it!

Mike, giving a very touching and extremely funny speech about he and Michelle's relationship.

I always love shooting the servers moving the cake. I figure if the cake is on the move, I need to pay attention in case it strays from its intended course.

The moms, having a blast on the dance floor.

Michelle, wearing Mike's glasses.

Congratulations, Michelle and Mike, and thanks so much for having us share your day!!

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