Friday, September 11, 2009

Self-Portrait Contest - You Can Vote!

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, of which I'm a member, is sponsoring a self-portrait contest where the winning entry receives paid registration to attend the Foundation Conference in Dallas in November. While I'm already signed up to attend this amazing conference (, hosted by the world's best wedding photojournalists, it would be super nice to have my registration fee refunded by winning this contest!

How can you help, you ask?? Well, all you have to do is following this link: and state in the comments field that you'd like for me to win! Easy as pie!

Here's the image I've submitted:

I know y'all would love for me to win this, so hurry on over and vote, vote, vote!

Attending this conference will be nothing short of awe-inspiring for me and will contribute to my growth as a photographer, which I'm always striving for. It's my goal to be the best photographer I can, so please hop on over to the ISPWP and cast a vote!

Thanks a bunch!

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