Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Chaitali and Mike - Columbus, Ohio wedding

OK, get ready for a big ol' blog post here! You can't shoot for 16 hours over two days and not have lots to blog!

All of the weekend's festivities took place at the Columbus Airport Marriott, the first part of which began with a real live casino the night before the wedding. What a great way to entertain guests and have a blast than to gamble with fake money! The next day, we started bright and early (I say "bright" despite the fact that it poured rain the entire day) with Chaitali getting ready. For an Indian bride, that is quite the process, requiring lots of people who know just where to put which pieces of jewelry and navigating the intricacies of folding the sari just so. It's really something to see and, of course, the finished work - the bride - is just stunningly beautiful. We followed this with Chaitali and Mike's first look, then lots of family pictures and some fun under the outside canopy with the wedding party. Next came the lively bharaat, with loud pulsing music and hands in the air. A welcoming ceremony followed, then the wedding ceremony. Then it was upstairs to change clothes and redo hair and make-up. One thing I didn't know was that everyone at the wedding changed clothes before the reception. EVERYone. And, well, the reception. Wow. Never once was the dance floor lacking for dancers. It was jam-packed all evening long and the music was, of course, phenomenal, with a mix of Indian tunes and now-popular dance songs. The DJ was one of the best I'd seen and did a fantastic job, as did the videographers, who were a great help to Melissa and me in anticipating which ceremonies were upcoming so we could get the best spots.

And, yes, you saw me mention Melissa. Unfortunately, Tracie was called away for a family emergency but Melissa stepped in at literally the last minute and drove all the way down from Michigan to help me with Chaitali and Mike's wedding. Thank you so much, Melissa! As always, it was just an absolute blast working together again.

OK, enough jawing on - you want to see pictures! Sit back and relax, there are a TON of them!

The croupier explaining how to bet at the roulette wheel.

Mendhi was also provided for the guests.

Melissa's shot.

A nod to Bollywood.

On the way outside for the bharaat.

Melissa's great shot of Mike, fearing for his life.

The fathers.

I love this shot. To me, it says "ok, now what do I do?" The priest actually spoke no English, so Mike had a translator.

Round 2 of getting ready.

A little relaxation while working out where to seat unexpected guests.

Melissa's shot.

I love how the American suit is draped over the Indian outfit.

The joke of day became "which of all the rooms has an iron that actually works??"

Melissa's shot.

Love this nice moment Melissa got of Mike and his mother following their dance together.

Mike's brother and his wife.

More hoisting of the groom into the air.

Melissa's shot. There was a whole series of this woman staring straight into the camera. I love her intensity.

Chaitali's outstretched arms, welcoming the maid of honor.

Melissa's shot.

Melissa's shot of Chaitali and her mother.

Congratulations, Chaitali and Mike! Thank you for having us be part of your day!

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