Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Josh and Mary

I got to do something yesterday that I've not had the opportunity to do before and it was just so wonderful. I received an inquiry from Josh last week about shooting his proposal to his girlfriend, Mary. It was to be a complete surprise to her, and luckily it worked out just right. Josh and Mary went to an early dinner at Due Amici, so I snuck in and captured a few shots of them while hiding behind the bar and some of the servers. It was tricky, but it worked! Then I ran over to the Kelton House to hide in the bushes to await their arrival. Josh had set up a garden trellis complete with flowers and lights, and when I heard them come into the park my heart started racing!! I was so excited for what was about to happen, and of course that excitement was mixed with a little nervousness as I hoped I wouldn't be spotted there in the foliage! I don't think Mary even noticed the sound of my shutter in her total surprise at Josh getting down on one knee and presenting her with a ring box. It was just so adorable! We then spent a few minutes around the grounds taking a few images for them.

What makes this extra special is that Josh is deploying to Afghanistan tomorrow. I wish him all the best and that he returns safe and sound to Mary and the start of their new life together.

So here are a few shots of our time together. Congratulations, Josh and Mary!


Jen said...

That is the sweetest story and your pictures captured the moment perfectly.

Sergio said...

Beautiful shoot. These are my favorite proposal images! I truly felt them. Great job Karen.

the management said...

awwwww sooo very sweet! great job capturing it... these images are going to be so special to them!