Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cakes for a Cause - Sassafras Bakery

Last night, I attended my very first silent auction, and boy did I pick a tasty one! My wedding planner friend Emilie Duncan and my new wedding planner friend Kasey Conyers hosted Cakes for a Cause to benefit Mid-Ohio Foodbank during their annual Operation Feed campaign. What a great, successful evening it was. Lots of bids and lots of money raised to provide meals for those in need.

And I'm happy to report that after much stalking and hovering, and a last-minute sniper bid, I won the coveted Signature Apple Pie baked by the fabulous AJ Perry of
Sassafras Bakery. Yum Yum.

While there were lots of photographers shooting away last night, I left my camera at home to concentrate on fun conversations with friends and colleagues, but today when I broke out my prize, I had to take a couple of snaps as I munched the first delectable piece (the first of many, I might add!). This is one sweet pie, so if you're ever in need for a homebaked fix, look up Sassafras Bakery.

Feast your eyes:

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Joe said...

I'm making that Homer Simpson "hlalhlahah" sound and drooling while looking at those photos!