Thursday, August 19, 2010


Oh no, not me, but Ken of Alyson and Ken, one of my June wedding couples. When Ken called me up a month ago and asked if I'd come up to the Sandusky River to photograph him doing wakeboard tricks, I admit I was nervous. While I shoot fast-moving events for a living, I'm not usually on a fast-moving boat while I'm doing it. I'm also not a swimmer or a sports shooter, so that's three strikes right off the bat. However, Ken's a man with a plan and it was all smooth sailing, you could say. We warmed up with Ken's brother and friends, and then Ken took his turn. It was a really great time - I had an absolute blast - and would do it again in a minute. I loved being out on the boat and the river was beautiful with the golden sunlight, even if it was in the 90s!

Here's a look at my foray into sports shooting while bracing myself on the engine compartment of a chase boat:

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