Friday, September 07, 2007

Shawnda and Billy

August 25 brought some stormy weather but didn't dampen the spirits of anyone in attendance at the marriage celebration of Shawnda and Billy. What a great couple they are and we were so privileged and honored to be chosen by them to capture their wedding. They were married at the Spiritualist Christian Church downtown with the reception at the Greek Orthodox Church. It was hot and sticky and we had tornado warnings right in the middle of the ceremony and some pretty ominous skies, but it rained only during the time it took to drive from the ceremony to the reception, so I'd say we lucked out big time!

Here are some of my many many favorite shots:

I love this shot!

Melissa got this great shot out the window of the limo. Check out the hair blowing! The storm was definitely brewing!

We had a ring bearer and a bell ringer at the ceremony and they were sooooo adorable!

Of all the shots of Shawnda and Billy walking back up the aisle, this is my favorite.

Here come the storm clouds!

Storm coming, but we shot portraits anyway!

I just can't go on enough about how much I love this first dance shot! Magical!

Toss bouquet in front of the beautiful cake!

I loved this little moment!

Boogie down with your bad self for sure!

Don't ask!

Congratulations, Shawnda and Billy!!!

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