Thursday, March 06, 2008

Melissa and Tom's Maternity Session

Two days after my return from the workshop, I spent some time with Melissa and Tom shooting some cool belly pictures to celebrate the impending birth of their first child, a daughter. As with Melissa and Tom's engagement session, again we headed to their bedroom and included their pets. I got some great shots with the dogs, not to mention all the great shots of Melissa and Tom together and some of Melissa alone.

It was great to see them again and see some of the really awesome improvements they'd made to their home since my last visit, including hanging some of their wedding pictures in their family room!

Here are some shots from our fabulous session:

According to Tom, Lily WILL be a Browns fan!

Congratulations, Melissa and Tom! I look forward to meeting Lily!


Ashley Langford Photography said...

These are great Karen! Nice work! We have a Weimaraner. Love those dogs.

Karen said...

My first shoot post-FW6, so thanks for the kind words! - k

Tyler Wirken said...

Hey there Karen. Looks great. LOVE the shot on the stairs with the dog head! Perfectly shot. Nicely done.

Keep it up.

Karen said...

Thanks, Tyler! I certainly was hearing your voice in my head when I shot it!