Saturday, September 20, 2008

Kate and Craig

I know it's been awhile since I've posted, but I have tons of images from this wedding to post, and it's well worth the wait! On August 29 and 30, I had the pleasure of photographing Kate and Craig's amazingly fun rehearsal and wedding. Craig is a wedding photographer in North Carolina and very very creative. He made up a couple of fun games to play at the rehearsal and both it and the wedding proved to be one fun thing after another. Kate and Craig put a lot of themselves into their weekend and I felt very honored to be chosen to capture it all for them. So, on to the show (which now has gigantic images!!)!

From "Heads Up", the trivia game based on the lives of Kate, Craig and Snarf the Cat. Funny stuff.

A blindfolded Kate, gulping a bit of wine prior to being subjected to the "Ass Grab" game where she was charged with grabbing the derrieres of various rehearsal dinner attendees in an effort to find the one of her betrothed.

Nope, that's not it.

This isn't it either, but Kate sure thought it was!!

Unusual for me, but I got to hang out with the guys prior to the ceremony where Craig bought each groomsman a wooden rubberband gun. I kept hearing in my head, over and over, that line from A Christmas Story, "you'll shoot your eye out". No eyes were harmed in the gun play.

Craig and the guys stayed at the newly renovated Residence Inn downtown on Gay St. It used to be a bank, so the lobby was rife with opportunities for using their guns.

Pulling a caper on the vault.

A couple portraits of Craig.

Back at Taylor Mansion where the ceremony took place, this shot is of Kate putting on her custom-made "Chinese" shoes.

"Blotting" the lipstick.

Kate and Craig chose to see each other before the ceremony, in a circle of family and friends.

Kate's mom and grandma.

Peas in a pod. This is Craig and his dad.

A shot of the ceremony from super close to the bridesmaid. She's holding the vows.

Craig composed and played/sang a song for Kate during the ceremony. See what I mean about how much of themselves they infused into the ceremony? Nice.

I love how, at unstructured venues and with clients for whom photography is a huge priority, I can sneak in little opportunities to get super close to the action to get these great shots. I didn't spend the entire time standing right next to the officiant, but having the flexibility to move in for a couple tight shots produces great, unique images.

We took a little time after the ceremony for a few romantic portraits.

Signing the marriage license.

Enjoying the cocktail hour.

Groomsman Anthony Moses did double-duty as DJ and he was awesome!

Imagine the WWF "let's get ready to rumble" and you have the wedding party introductions given by this extremely talented groomsman.

First dance. I love when the wedding party stands in the background of the dance.

Craig's dad is really touched, and a comforting hand by his wife.

The "in-laws" dance.

Kate's brothers give a hilarious speech.

Reflection of the tent lights in the see-through portion of the tent roof.

Nice, intentionally "moving" shot of the dance floor once the glow sticks were handed out.

Almost alone, right in the middle of everything.

Congratulations, Kate and Craig!!

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