Friday, September 19, 2008

Second shooting

Every great once in a while, I'm presented with an opportunity to second shoot with a photographer friend. On September 6, I shot with my friend Kevin Keefer and we had a great time. Everything took place at the bride's parents' house, a sprawling ranch/farm on the outskirts of Westerville. It was a lovely setting and we had beautiful weather to go with it, not to mention fabulous food catered by City Barbecue, which I think I could eat almost every day! Here are a few shots from my wedding with Kevin:

Our groom, Adam.

After hanging out with the guys, I stepped inside just in time to catch Nikki getting into her dress.

Nikki, receiving flowers from Adam.

This is Nikki and Adam's pooch. What a sweetie.

Supplies, just in case.

An overall of the ceremony, including the horse-drawn carriage Nikki rode in on.

What I like best about this image are all the shadows on the path back up the "aisle".

On our tour of the property for some romantic portraits, I got to ride up in the seat with the driver. That seat has to be the bumpiest part of the carriage.

This is one of my favorite images from the day. During the speeches, Kevin focused on the speech-givers while I concentrated on Nikki and Adam's reactions, including this great expression by Nikki when Adam's beer exploded.

mmmmmm, City Barbecue!

Another of my favorite shots, this of the tippy top of the tent and the last remaining light of the day.

A shoot-out with Kevin. I don't hold it against him that he shoots Canon.

I think this guy thought he was his own best dance partner.

Thanks, Kevin, for having me along! It was great fun! And best wishes to Nikki and Adam!!

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