Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Megan and Elwood

What can I say about Megan and Elwood? Anyone who knows them, even not very well, can see how vibrant and fun they are, and how much they absolutely adore each other. Shooting their wedding a week back just captured all that and more. We started with the girls having hair and make-up done at Megan and Elwood's house in Victorian Village - which, it turns out, I lived right around the corner from when I lived down there - then on to First Community Church in Marble Cliff. The reception was held at COSI with a great view of the downtown skyline. What a fun place for a wedding reception!

Isn't she beautiful?

I love this shot. And, if you recognize the stylist, it's probably because you saw her on the just-ended season of Shear Genius. This is "Gail from Columbus", as she was known on the show. She didn't make it to the end, but she did a fabulous job on everyone's hair for the wedding!

In the make-up chair.

Have to have faux lashes!

To entertain everyone, Megan brought out a gigantic box of photographs, which was a huge hit.

At the church, a couple quickie portraits in the sun-flooded bathroom.

A nice moment from the ceremony.

At COSI, on our way out to the veranda, I noticed this gorgeous bright orange wall. It was very vibrant, and a great match for our fun wedding party!

At last, a few minutes alone for some romantic portraits.

An overall of the canopies on the terrace at COSI.

Megan and Elwood had an eclectic menu, including Thai and Indian dishes. mmmm yum!!

And who doesn't like cake under glass? This was their cake, in the midst of the amazing dessert table.

As a surprise to Elwood, Megan had the OSU Alumni Band come and play some tunes. I love this silhouette shot of the trumpet against the last light of the evening sky. Elwood was very surprised at this fun gift.

I love this. Isn't this sweet?!

Megan and Dad's dance.

At the rehearsal the night before, all the guys showed up in loud Hawaiian shirts. The next day, the DJ followed suit.

The guests had a blast out on the terrace.

That tie used to be around this guy's neck!

Congratulations, Megan and Elwood!!

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