Monday, June 02, 2008

Dena and Chris

Memorial Day was a big holiday weekend for weddings, and Dena and Chris were Day 1 of my rare double-header. Dena and Chris were married at King Avenue United Methodist, which I was extremely happy to see had been remodeled and significantly brightened up since my last wedding there four years ago. They got rid of a lot of the dark wood that made the sanctuary feel cave-like, and painted everything a nice, bright white. It was beautiful inside and the one thing I've seen them do twice now, and which I really like, is passing the wedding rings through the first few pews of family members so everyone can instill them with their blessings. It was a beautiful ceremony, which we followed up by heading in a gigantic limo bus to Goodale Park and then Union Station Arch. The reception was in the Small Theatre at The Athenaeum, where I love to shoot!

Well, on to the show! We got some great ones for Dena and Chris and here are just a few:

aaah, the great light!

It's the little moments like these that really bring it all home.

A glimpse by the flower girl admiring Dena as she walked by.

More great light!

Golden light at Goodale Park, not to mention a very beautiful couple!

Just one example of all the fun on the bus.

At the Arch, it was decided that the guys wanted to jump. Jumping shots, in my opinion, are way way way overdone, but geez - when you have great jumpers like these guys and a camera that shoots 11 frames per second, then you kinda think, ok maybe this once!

Easily my favorite shot of Dena and Chris. Wow.

I love this shot. But, then, I love them all! I'm funny that way.

mmmmmm, red velvet cake!

My favorite part of the Small Theatre are the strings of lights from the ceiling. I always try to shoot the first dance from the back of the stage so I can include the beautiful little lights and the faces of the guests.

And I know you know who they are! It's Rita and Brian, my fabulous fabulous bride and groom from September 16, 2006. Brian and Chris work together and I was just so incredibly pleased to chat with them at the reception.

The dance floor was jam-packed all night and made for lots of really great shots.

LOVE this shot!


I couldn't resist.

Come on, just one little smooch!

The expressions say it all.

Congratulations, Dena and Chris!!


Karen Shilling said...
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Karen Shilling said...

Shall I make the first comment?! Karen, you did such a great job, I love the spontaneity of many of the shots. You really captured the magic and spirit of the evening. You have created memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you!

chris's mom