Monday, June 30, 2008

Marlo and Marc

Last week, I met Marlo and Marc in the Short North for their engagement session. Considering the two met at Haiku on a blind date, it was only fitting that we shoot there for some of our session. I've eaten at Haiku a number of times and every time I walk through the lobby, I think about how much I'd love to shoot on those red velvet couches! Last Wednesday, that dream was fulfilled!

We had a great time shooting there and wandering around past all the cool shops. Here are a few of my many favorites from our session:

In our travels, we stopped by Three Dog Bakery so Marlo and Marc could change clothes. Turns out one of Marlo's bridesmaids owns this Three Dog Bakery, so be sure to check it out! It should be opening in the next day or so if it's not already.

This is one of my most favorite shots!!

And how much do I love the wedding dress in the window of Collier West? THIS much!

Can't wait until your wedding next year!!

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