Monday, June 16, 2008

Kristen and Ben

On June 7, arguably the muggiest day of the year so far, Melissa and I headed to a chalet in the woods of Lancaster to photograph the happy nuptials of Kristen and Ben. Aside from the stickiness, we were blessed with beautiful, soft light for their outdoor wedding and reception and had a fabulous time making some great pictures for them!

Here are a few of my many favorites from their day:

Check out the "I DO" on the wall behind Kristen!

Kristen's grandma made the garter from the material of her own wedding dress.

Melissa's unique angle on the musicians.

Such nice, soft light!

Beautiful setting!

A touching moment during Ben's dance with his mom.

Winding down, this is Kristen's mom's putting away the "bridal bells". Again, another great shot by Melissa.

Can't go to St. Lucia for honeymoon without a shark attached to your car. That's where this guy is headed. Or maybe it's a dolphin. I'm not too up on my inflatable fish.


ooooh, blasted!

Congratulations, Kristen and Ben!!

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Katrina + Andrew said...

...great pictures! that second to last shot really says it all! how hilarious!! did you win any awards for that image yet...???