Sunday, June 22, 2008

Megan and Nik

OK, wow. On June 14, Melissa and I made a roadtrip up to Fremont and Port Clinton, Ohio to spend the day photographing Megan and Nik's beautiful wedding. Despite Friday's wicked rain storm at just the time we were to arrive at the rehearsal using our ridiculously errant Google map, we made it safe and sound and just in time. Fremont is a quaint little town not too far from Lake Erie and the ceremony took place in what has to be its most beautiful church, Grace Lutheran. First we started at an Aveda concept salon with the girls, then on to the church. Afterwards, we went to the grounds of the Rutherford B. Hayes home and then on to the beach at Camp Perry on Lake Erie for the reception. The images speak for themselves. Have a look.

A gift from Megan's sister containing a monogrammed hankie and their grandma's ring.

Megan, explaining to her niece just exactly what an eyelash curler does.

A touching moment where Megan reads a card from Nik.

I love the way they're looking at each other on their way to presenting the moms with flowers.

At the park, Melissa grabbed this great motion shot of an elderly runner cutting through our party.

In the gazebo at the Rutherford B. Hayes home.

Fun fun fun beach shot. Check out the saturated colors! Those gorgeous hot pink dresses against the brilliant blue sky is just magical!


I LOVE this shot following the cake bites. Hilarious.

Melissa caught this shot of the flower girl. She was so cute despite looking not-so-happy at the moment.

Back to the beach with just Megan and Nik for some phenomenal images made with that beautiful golden light. I just can't say how much I love these and the fact that Megan and Nik were so into having the images made. Pure joy, all the way around.

A different kind of family group shot. Love it.

Presenting, the bride's leg!

The reverse garter. No need for words here, really.

Another great shot from Melissa, getting down low with the boogie-ing guests.


One more from Melissa. The line was pretty animated!

Congratulations, Megan and Nik!

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