Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Leah and Andy

What wedding blog post would be complete without a weather report? Considering the topsy turvy weather we had on July 12, I'd say one is in order. The weather alternated between brilliantly sunny and torrential downpours, but was always hot and very very humid. However, that did not have any effect on the beautiful ceremony and reception held in the tent at The Lakes Golf and Country Club. And we were lucky enough to have the sunny parts of the day when we wanted to do portraits on the lovely manicured grounds of The Lakes, so I guess we can't complain too much.

To say that Leah was a gorgeous bride would be a major understatement. Leah also went out of her way to choose different, untraditional things for her wedding as well, including a custom handmade dress and the most unique cakes I've ever seen at a wedding.

Enjoy the show.

This wedding was chockful of very interesting tattoos, this one on Leah's sister.

Leah's mom, having a "private" chat.

Love this shot.

This one too.

Oh, and this one.

Holding the brooch for the chartreuse sash. Aren't her eyes fantastic?!

Mom, Leah and sister Holly all had matching star tattoos on the same spot on their feet.

Some quickie portraits before the ceremony.

Leah really loves the camera! It loves her too!

She's just beautiful!

Love this shot of mom giving Leah a hug.

Melissa got this great one of Leah waiting to be called down to the ceremony . . . .

. . . . while I was downstairs preparing for the processional. Unfortunately for the guests, we had one of those torrential downpours just as they were arriving. Here, The Lakes guy tries to clear the ceremony area of excess water.

I didn't really show this image because you can see the runner is wet from the rain, but because I just like the arrangement of legs and feet.

One of the many touching moments during the emotional ceremony.

Mr and Mrs

Portraits in the pines.

Melissa's eye for detail and composition is awesome and I love this shot she made of the salad dressing bowls.

Dad's speech.

This is so sweet!

The amazing cakes I was talking about.

Another great shot by Melissa.

And another one. No drinks were spilled in the catching of this bouquet by the male interloper.

Another great shot by Melissa, capturing the last remaining light in the evening sky.

Congratulations, Leah and Andy!!


Jessica said...

I love the two of you. Your wedding was awesome, and your pictures are beautiful. You were truly made for one another.

Love Always, Jessica Crowe

katrina + andrew = sedona bride said...

hey karen! what an awesome set of images!! you two did a great job! - katrina