Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Nikki and Nathan

The weather on Saturday, June 28 wasn't great for shooting outdoors, so we were lucky to be shooting Nikki and Nathan's wedding and reception at The Columbus Athenaeum, where it was nice and dry! We had a great time with Nikki and Nathan's family and friends and everything was just awesome. Their theme was based around the Lord of the Rings, so all the details were beautiful and rich. They even had a woodland-looking backdrop pulled down on the stage in the Small Theatre, and with the stage lights on it was just magical.

Here are a few of the many fabulous shots we made for Nikki and Nathan:

Nathan, cooling his heels while waiting for "show time," courtesy of Melissa.

I spent a little time in the Small Theater shooting some portraits of Nikki, who is absolutely fabulous in front of the camera! She loves it and it loves her!

A sign of the times, for sure. Let's see, when I was that age, cell phones hadn't even been invented!! Yikes!

Great fisheye shot of the Priory from Melissa.

The detail on Nikki's dress was stunning and I love this tiny shot of their feet. Well, Nathan's feet and Nikki's dress!

After the ceremony, Melissa and I spent some time in various rooms and the lobby shooting the new husband and wife.

This one is Melissa's. LOVE it!

Another great cake shot by Melissa!

A dip on the dance floor. So romantic! I really like the way Nikki's veil looks in this shot.

The toss bouquet. I really like the little green flowers, whatever they are.

Again, Melissa working her magic from the balcony, focusing on the light strands.

During the reception, we stole Nikki and Nathan to shoot outside since the weather had cleared.

Not sure if you can see the woodland backdrop, but you can make out the colors a little bit, which are accentuated by the stage lights and the DJ's light kit. Beautiful! Plus this is a pretty cool dancing shot!

Congratulations, Nikki and Nathan!!

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