Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Just wanted to say a quick word about a milestone I've just crossed. Today marks the fifth year since establishing my business! On July 8, 2003, my official incorporation papers were filed with the State of Ohio, establishing KISO Fotografia Ltd. as a wedding photography business!

I've worked my tail off and have all my fabulously wonderful clients to thank for their trust and support over the years. For, without all of you, there would be none of this.

So, a congratulations to me and a huge huge thank you to all of you for making me the photographer I am today! I hope for another five years and another five years after that and on and on!

In honor of my anniversary, I thought I'd share a few of the shots of me that end up sneaking their way into the thousands and thousands of images we've taken. Of course, I don't put images of me in client galleries - who wants pictures of ME?? So, here are a few taken over the years.

Guests want their chance to shoot too. This was at Rita and Brian's wedding, September 16, 2006.

"The other" Karen got this shot of me at Katie and Travis' wedding December 15, 2007.

Another one by Karen from December 15. Notice how I'm all snug in my green wool sweater while Katie freezes in her strapless gown. Nice, eh?

This is with Charley, my November 2005 bride, taken by Karen at Tonja and Brad's wedding just this past April. Tonja came to me via Charley.

This is John, Charley's husband, planting a big old smooch right on my cheek! I just love my clients! Looks like they love me too! Awwww.

Another shot by the other Karen, this time at Adriann and Reid's wedding. I was shooting Adriann's gown.

Melissa caught this one of me standing in the aisle following the processional at Kristen and Ben's wedding this year.

And here I am wearing the same shirt at Megan and Nik's wedding! hahaha Lately, the guests have been wanting to try out my D3, and always I end up being the subject since the camera is tethered to my body. This was taken by one of the groomsmen, who also then photographed me with his wife, a bridesmaid! I've since had my hair chopped almost completely off, so this picture looks kinda funny to me!

And this is why I do what I do - great big hugs and smiles from my clients! This is Laura, whose wedding was just this past weekend, July 5. I'm starting to work on their images right now but because I love this shot so much I just had to share it as the final image in my series of me even though it makes my face look really fat (which, by the way, is nobody's fault but my own!!). Thanks, Melissa, for this great shot!

Again, I can't say enough about how much I treasure each and every one of my clients. You bring true, almost immeasurable, joy to my life by allowing me to photograph yours.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for five great years! Here's to many many more!


Verna Pitts said...


Congratulations on 5 years in business. It is a HUGE milestone and I am happy to see that you are choosing to celebrate it with these great pictures! Applause.........

Verna Pitts said...

Congratulations! What a great way to celebrate with these great photos! Five years is a huge milestone. WTG!

Lydia Gravis said...


How awesome! Congratulations on your five years of hard work, risk taking, creative passion and fun! You're such an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing.

Lydia Gravis